“Well, I got to run. The panel’s tomorrow morning. It’s called,
Remembering Snow: A Look Back.”

                        – Big Bang Theory

This line is what fans of conservative “watchdog” NewsBusters would denounce as “liberal media bias.”  The book I discussed in my last entry brings up some interesting aspects of the media’s treatment of global warming. Another review of Merchants of Doubt covers this issue.

Our supposedly “liberally-biased” media treats the claims of these discredited denialists as seriously as they do genuine research. The review criticizes the book for letting the media off the hook, pointing out that denialist

tactics were crude, the lies obvious, and the truth knowable with only a cursory web search.  If the press was “fooled,” it was because they were either hopeless slackers, or they wanted to be fooled.

As far as non-news programming goes, there is a sad lack of any that even touches serious current issues. This subject merits its own entry. For now I’ll just I’ll just end with a link to a parody of the sitcom where I got today’s quote and a question: How liberal is media bias? Just asking…


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